Mental illness in children

Kindly note that children can develop the same mental health conditions as would occur in adults, only that their symptoms may be different.

What are causes and risk factors for mental illness in children?

As is the case with most mental health disorders at any age, such disorders in children do not have one single definitive cause.
1.Biological factors
3.Environmental and social 
4.Spiritual factors

Diagnosis of mental illness in children

Mental health conditions in children are diagnosed based on signs and symptoms and how the condition affects a child's daily life. To make a diagnosis, the child might have to be evaluated by one or more specialists, such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical social worker, psychiatric nurse or other mental health care professional. The evaluation might include:
1.History and examination
2.Laboratory tests
3. Psychometrics

Treatment for mental illness in children

Considering that healing and recovery is a Biopsychosocial-spiritual phenomena, multidisciplinary approach is used at CMH to manage any condition the child may come with.
There are varieties of treatments available for managing mental illness in children, including educational or occupational interventions, as well as specific forms of psychotherapy which form the first line and mainstay interventions, and effective medications when necessary.
3.Spiritual therapy
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