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On behalf of our patients and families, thank you for considering donating to Seattle Children’s Hospital. Your donation helps patients and families when they need it most.

Finance: Consider a direct monetary gift to Child Mental Haven, which allows our hospital to meet the staffing, equipping and operational costs. You can give through mobile money, cheque or bank transfer.

Services: You may organize mental health awareness in your setting, offer health or other humanitarian service, whether professional or not. Unique talents that interest children are encouraged.

Items/property: You may donate tools, treatment or play items, furniture, premise or land. Shopping vouchers are also welcome.

Referral/links: You are welcome to partner for trainings or research, sent clients to the facility and add us to your referral links.

For more clarifications or action guidance please contact us at (254) 0114843603 or email us.

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We provide evidence based interventions and trainings for care givers to gain better results in early detection

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