Spiritual therapy

All humans are intrinsically spiritual, and the biopsychosocial-spiritual phenomena gives attention to the spiritual distress and the spiritual resources of the child.

The spiritual caregivers may include the physicians and other health care providers, family and friends, hospital chaplains/imam, spiritual leaders, community leaders and traditional healers.


Benefits of spirituality: Improved self-esteem and confidence, maximization of personal potential, improved relationships (with self, others and God), renewed sense of meaning and purpose, enhanced feeling of belonging, improved capacity for solving problems and healthy grieving of losses (letting go). Insoluble problems, continuing distress and disability are more easily endured and hope is renewed.


The spiritual background of the child will help in the treatment of psychiatric disturbance because spiritual matters can be profitably incorporated in psychotherapy. Spirituality is important in the prognosis of psychiatric conditions. In the spiritual perspective, a differentiation must be made between cure and healing. Cure is the removal of symptoms, while healing is the restoration of the whole person. Adversity often produces maturity, hence in psychotherapy, the patient must be helped to accept the handicap and transform the handicap to a life of


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