Children and youth with mental health problems are at risk for having lower educational achievement, greater involvement with the criminal justice system, and fewer stable and longer-term placements in the child welfare system than their peers. Children and youth with mental health problems are more likely to experience problems at school, be absent, or be suspended or expelled than are children with other disabilities. Youth in high school with mental health problems are more likely to fail or drop out of school and are more likely to engage in bad drugs, early parenthood and suicidal behaviors

Treatment for children with a mental illness can have a significantly positive effect on the child's functioning at home, in schools, and in their communities.

Without treatment, symptoms tend to last much longer and may never get better. In fact, they may get worse. With treatment, chances of recovery are much improved.

It Is Important to recognize and treat mental Illness in children early on. Once mental illness develops, it becomes a regular part of their life.



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